The Pre-historic Journey

The Shoebill is one of the most sought after birds of Africa owing to its ancient and prehistoric look! Only found in a few countries in Africa among which Uganda offers one of the best chances of spotting this globally threatened bird species.

This 3 days’ trip takes you on a canoe ride at two wetlands on the shores of Lake Victoria; Mabamba and Makanaga Wetlands, some of the major breeding areas for the Shoebill in Uganda. The two wetlands are a stone throw-away from Entebbe International Airport as well as the capital Kampala where one can see this majestic wetland dweller.

The canoe experience in search of the Shoebill, peddled through the narrow channels of the wetlands is one like no other!!! It gives one a chance to enjoy the scenic landscape around the wetlands as well as photographic opportunities of waterfowl trotting on vegetation. A perfect example is the stunning African Jacana, also known as the Lilly Trotter balancing its long legs on floating water lilies.


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