East African Game

A combination of either Serengeti or Masai Mara and the Great primates in the jungles of Uganda and the land of a thousand hills; Rwanda brings to reality of your childhood dream of an African safari.

The open plains of the Mara filled with hunting African lions being trailed by the laughing hyenas as they endlessly chase cheetahs off their fresh kills.

High standing towers of Giraffes coupled with dazzling herds of zebras walking alongside long ques of wildebeests escaping from hungry crocodiles filled with the agility to grab and drown their prey for the next meal.

Prepare your imagination for a positive interlude turning into a reality as you watch the bizarre Shoebill along the lake Victoria shores hunting big fish. The primate capital of the world, Uganda inhabits the biggest ever recorded number of primate species ; both diurnal and nocturnal with the forests of the Impenetrable Bwindi and Kibale harbouring most of these.

This 14 days’ gives a thorough satisfaction of East Africa!!!!

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